Michigan HCG Diet Doctor – Megan Strauchman, D.O.

Megan Strauchman, D.O.
Megan Strauchman, D.O.

Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Megan Strauchman, D.O. at Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center has over 11 years of experience practicing medicine and has helped countless men and women reshape their bodies and achieve their weight loss goals. She is board certified through the American Association of Integrative Medicine and has a Fellowship through the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Strauchman is dedicated to offering patients the very best in medical care and treatment options available today. Her mission is to provide a wide variety of services. She hopes to improve your health and well-being and prevent re-occurrences while establishing a more solid foundation for a pain-free life. Losing weight has never been easier with Megan Strauchman, D.O. behind you every step of the way.

The HCG diet plan is one of the most successful weight loss programs offered by Dr. Strauchman. A typical HCG diet plan will incorporate a version of the original HCG diet protocol developed by Dr. ATW Simeons in the 1950’s, which includes daily supplements of the HCG hormone coupled with a low-calorie diet of lean protein and fresh vegetables.

Dr. Strauchman uses only the highest quality HCG for the diet programs, developed for them by a compounding pharmacy; the pharmaceutical grade HCG is safe for use by both men and women and is unlike any other HCG supplement that you can purchase over the counter or online. Together with a rigid diet plan and a strong resolve, men and women looking for accelerated weight loss results that are both safe and sustainable need look no further than the HCG diet plan offered by Megan Strauchman, D.O. in Michigan.

Some of the many benefits of losing weight with an HCG diet include:

Fast Results

While diligently following the low-calorie diet recommended for you, the daily HCG doses prevent your body from going into starvation mode by breaking down body fat for nutrients needed to preserve energy levels. For this reason, most patients do not experience the negative side effects of hunger while they watch the weight fall off them at a rapid pace.

Extensive Support System

Megan Strauchman, D.O. offers counseling and support throughout the process of an HCG diet program. Each patient is equipped with the support and education they need to achieve success.

High Success Rate

Dr. Strauchman has years of experience treating Michigan residents with the HCG diet plan. Medical weight loss expert Megan Strauchman, D.O. has a record of success proving that these weight loss methods and support systems can help you lose weight.

Reduced Hunger

A typical HCG diet plan will consist of a low-calorie diet, with some patients eating as few as 500 calories per day. The benefit of using HCG in conjunction with such a strict meal plan is that HCG instigates the metabolizing of body fat to supplement the low daily caloric intake, simultaneously cutting body fat while preventing the negative side effects of hunger or protein deficiency which could cause muscle atrophy.

Megan Strauchman, D.O. teaches patients to make healthier food choices for their entire lives, not just for the life of the diet. After the diet is completed most patients are able to maintain their weight loss results by implementing their new-found eating habits, making healthy food choices and staying active. Each patient has different needs and weight loss goals, and as a result each HCG diet plan is designed specifically for the patient it is being used on.

Additional Services offered by Dr. Strauchman in Michigan include the following:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • PRP/Prolotherapy
  • Chelation Therapy

“My wife and I were on the HCG diet for a couple of months last year and it was working great! It definitely took will power and a firm decision to make it happen but having each other to help with that decision made it much easier and even fun. We both saw a 15-pound loss in the first three weeks. We will be starting it up again next year.” – Matt

Contact Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Megan Strauchman, D.O. today to schedule a consultation and learn more about if an HCG diet plan is right for you. Experience the benefits of the physical, mental and emotional support of Dr. Strauchman, guiding you every step of the way toward your weight loss goals. Get a customized HCG diet plan designed specifically for you and watch the weight start to melt off today!

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